Why do you need this?

Our service provides auto parts stores the opportunity to place their car parts catalogs at their websites.

After the connection of car parts catalogs to your website, its visitors will be able to:

All this will help to gain loyalty of your customers and promote sales.

How does it work?

Having chosen a required spare part in a catalog, a customer will go to a page of your website (landing page) where he will be able to see offers by this item number.
Part`s item number and brand name are transferred to the page of your website in url.
На большинстве сайтов в качестве страницы приземления - подходят страницы результатов поиска по артикулу.
In other words, if you have the option of offers search by part`s item number, then you won`t have any problems with connecting parts catalogs to your website.


To connect parts catalogs to your website, you only need to commit the following easy actions:

Landing page

Landing page is a page at your website which your customer should be redirected to after he has selected a required spare part in a catalog.

It is usually a page of your website which you may see after you have finished searching a spare part at your website by its product item.
Part`s item number and manufacturer`s name are transferred to the page of your website in url.
When setting up your landing page, it is necessary to change part`s brand name and its item number to the following values:
When a customer has selected the part he needs in one of your catalogs, then he will be redirected to the page that has been specified by you.
*part_number* and *brend* values on this page will be replaced by selected part`s brand name and its item number, accordingly

Examples of landing pages for popular platforms
Simply use these templates if you use one of these platforms:

JavaScript API

JavaScript API is available for all customers.
Using API you can:

For API operation catalogs should be connected to your website by means of IFRAME (it`s the first way of catalogs` connection in user`s profile).
JavaScript API catalog operation mode is activated by addressing technical support.

cp_part_selected event

Event named cp_part_selected occurs after a visitor of your website has selected a part in your parts` catalog.
When this event occurs, the information about a part that has been selected is transferred.
The information about a car this part has been selected for is also transferred (in case it`s available).

The example of a JavaScript code for data reception (the code is pasted to the page which the catalog is connected to)
function cp_part_selected(data){

The example of a service response
'part' : 'vehicle' :
The response of the service contains an object that contains 2 objects part и vehicle

part is an object containing the information about a part.

vehicle is an object containing the information about a vehicle which a part has been selected for. vehicle->main_features object has a permanent number of fields and their names (see above).

vehicle->other_features object — the number of fields and names of this object can be different from each other depending on a catalog and the way a website visitor has been selecting a spare part required — using VIN number of a vehicle or its parameters.